Printed carpets

Printed carpets help create the company image by fixing logos and names in Customers’ memories. We offer carpets with printed company logos. The carpets are made of nylon or felt fibres on a rubber backing. The products may bear any given graphics selected by the Client.

The printed carpets are not just advertising space to walk on, but also a unique place to place your ad. Beside walls, facades and ceilings – that are usually completely covered with ads – the floor is also a perfect place for you to advertise on.

Velour Carpet
A velour carpet in the maximum size of 300 x 2500 cm in the form of a single element or a series of mats. We can provide you with advertising mats specifically adjusted to your needs and utility conditions.

Felt Carpet

A felt carpet is an advantageous ad alternative during various events. All passages may be utilised this way. The felt carpet is easy to cut and apply. It is especially recommended for exhibitions, celebrations and promotional events.

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