Flags are an excellent form of outdoor advertising. Thanks to various printing techniques, we are able to produce any kind of flag design. In direct sublimation digital printing, the maximum flag width is 300 cm in a single piece. The print is applied on a roll, so the flag can be even over 10 metres long. Digital-printed flags are characterised with perfect quality and very good bleeding to the other side. Most orders are performed on a 110 g flag fabric.

It allows the production of even a single item.

The maximum size of a flag produced using the screen printing technique is 200 x 400 cm (depending on the design). Screen printing is used mostly in the case of high-volume flag printing. The primary materials used are 115 g and 160 g flag fabrics. The print is made in vivid colours with extended UV resistance.

The type of finishing depends on the flag’s application and individual Client requirements. As a standard, the mast-adjacent edge of the flag is reinforced with white tape with sewed-on plastic snap hooks.

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